10 Proven Techniques to Dramatically Increase Website Conversion [ INFOGRAPHIC ]

Your website is your property on the web. You make an investment in it and if your website is not giving you the result then it is matter of concern. You want your visitors should convert into customers.

If you are getting good numbers of conversion then you must be thinking, How to increase it further?

Increasing your conversion rate is absolutely crucial. It is directly related to your sales growth.

You need to think about conversion rate optimization. There are many variables which ensure the conversion on your website.

There is no ultimate formula to increase your conversion rate.

You need to keep doing TEST, TEST, and TEST.

Sometimes a small tweak can make a big improvement. Eg: Instead of using “BUY NOW”, If you use “ORDER NOW” can improve your conversion.

Free Shipping amazingly improves the performance of E-commerce website.

Offering Free Trial can be a huge differentiator.

E-commerce sites have proven experienced  that transparent return policy always leads to higher sales volume.

Sometimes you need to restructure everything. Eg: Your website design is messy. Your content is not designed according to full-funnel approach or Navigation is too confusing. In this case, you require restructuring of your website.

You need to put full-funnel approach. I further simplify this for you.

Don’t focus on pages, focus on the complete journey of the users. You can see the conversion funnel below.


Your website should be well prepared with different types of stimulus, which give a complete journey to your users.

Website designed with full Inbound Marketing Conversion Funnel Approach convert 10X higher than other sites.

Although some proven techniques are here. You can test those on your site.

Here Lilach Bullock comes up with an awesome Infographic. Please go through it and experiment those ideas with your website.


Try it and let me know your experience. If you have any question then kindly ask in the comment section. I would love to answer. 🙂


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