11 Simple Hacks to Improve Click Through Rate in Google’s Search Results

We are seeing the era of social web but still you get most relevant traffic from search engines. Because it matches the intent and context perfectly.

The traffic from the search engine is not coming through random discovery. It is user generated.

You can check your analytics, you will find that you are getting best conversion rate from organic traffic.

I don’t require to put stress that you should focus on ranking up in SERP (Search Engine Result Page ). More than me, you understand the meaning and importance of ranking on the first page of  Google’s SERP.

Here all SEO industry come into play.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) is indeed a complex world. Google uses more than 1000 signals to determine the rank of your website.

In this post, I am just trying to bring the importance of Click through rate as one of determining factor in ranking on Google Search Result.

Rand Fishkin (Founder of SEOMoz) conducted one of the most popular tests of the influence of CTR on Google’s search results. He asked people to do a specific search and click on the link to his blog (which was in 7th position). This impacted the rankings for a short period of time, moving the post up to 1st position.

Hence Rand’s test shows  that there is a correlation between CTR (Click Through Rate) and ranking of a page.

Rank Brain is Google’s machine learning algorithm. Through it, Google is able to decide which search result gives better engagement and experience to users. Here CTR is a most important component.

So, there is a probability that if you increase CTR. it will make your rank up in SERP.

It will make your rank up on Search Engine Result Page.

Now the question is how you can get greater CTR of your website in SERP?

Here Larry Kim of WordStream and Brian Dean of Backlingo come up together and produce an amazingly brilliant Infographic guide to boost your Click Through Rate.

Infographic: 11-simple-hacks-to-improve-click-through-rate-in-googles-search-results

Learn and implement these ideas to boost your traffic and rank. 🙂

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