13 Types of Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives You Need To Know [ Infographic ]

Social media marketing is evolving continuously. Without any doubt, we can say that elephant in the house the Facebook leading this evolution. Facebook is becoming more and more descriptive day by day. Today Facebook offer 13 types of ad objectives to assist you to achieve your desired goal.

Facebook robots optimize your ads according to your objectives. It is very important for you to know all options available to utilize it completely.

Any campaigns start with objectives. If you have clear objective then Facebook offering you right choice of infrastructure to get best results. I interact with my tribe and get surprised that most of them are just using Facebook boost post options.

Generally, in interact with my tribe and I used to get surprised that most of them are just using Facebook boost post options.

They are not knowing complete features.

I use to interact with many digital agencies (In India). They still offering page likes, post likes, and shares.

I am not saying that page like and shares are not relevant, they are relevant and still they are DNA of campaigns, but my concern is, when you have more focused campaign options are available then why don’t you use it fullest.

I have written earlier on how to launch lead generation campaign and how to launch app install campaign. I love both campaign options. They are almost 7X cheaper by cost per lead and cost per install respectively in comparison of Google Ads.

I have put it all together in one infographic. Where you can see 13 types of ad objective options.

13 Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives

I have a huge interest in understanding Facebook and bring the facts to you. In this quest I have written many articles on Facebook as an advertisement platform.

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