25 Intangibles That Add Value To Your Brand [ INFOGRAPHIC ]

I had done a blog post some days back, 25 Must have Intangibles to Create Sustainable Differentiation. These 25 intangibles are mentioned in the book called “The Brand Flipby Marty Neumeier. This post is just visual extention of that.

Marty Neumeier has defined it in great sense in his books and explained why brand is most important game play in digital world.

The post was completely intended to see the migration from material based economy to intangible based economy. People are nowdays more than happy in paying premium for the product and services which give emotional benefits like immediacy, personalization, self-identity, and empowerment.

Making those point easy to read, easy to understand and easy to share. I have put all 25 intangible in one infographic. Go through it and if you find it intresting then plaese share it with your network too.



Infographic: 25 Intangible that sdds value to brand infographic, brand building

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  1. Gaurav heera April 14, 2017

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