266 Amazing Hashtags, Which can Make You Rockstar of Instagram [ Infographic ]

500 million users are sharing more than 50 billion images every month. Yes ! I am talking about the fastest growing Image/Video sharing app on the planet. Instagram is just six years old social platform but its growth story is amazing.

Per follower engagement rate on Instagram is 4.5 which is 58 times greater than Facebook and 120 times higher than Twitter.

Although it is a great platform but you can not succeed here by just putting awesome images or video. You will have to understand the platform and make strategy according to that.

You’ll need to make a great story and will have to think about its distribution.

You must be thinking that how to crack this gold mine platform by acquiring the higher number of followers and having greater reach. DNA of your reach possibilities on Instagram is Hashtags. Hashtag works on Instagram similarly to twitter but here you can use the higher number of hashtags.

The best part is you can put your Hashtag in the bottom of 2200 words caption limit area. On post caption, your first paragraph is being generally visible. So hashtag increases your reach without ruining the quality of your caption content.

But the things which are interesting on Insta is the cult hashtags, If we talk about twitter tags, then we see they have a smaller life span, opposite to that many Insta tags have become a brand. So by using those brand tags you can achieve higher reach.

Here red web design put together 266 best Instagram tags by categories. Using these popular tags can tremendously increase your reach, rest of job will be done by your story.

266 Most Popular Instagram Hashtags can Grow Your business amazingly

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