Why should organisations break Five Marketing Clutter first?

Today’s highly competitive world every organisation prepare to win the fight with competition but there is some common mistake happens. The organisation supposes that there is only competition in the market is the organisations who are serving similar products or services  to similar target groups. In actual they are facing far stiff competition within the organisation. Yes! I am talking about clutter which makes organisation anyone or no one in the marketplace where they want to be looked as a special one. These clutter should be addressed before making any strategy to counter competition or organisations can focus here only and make their identity different that they are not in the space where competitions are competing. So now have a look on these five market clutter which can be broken internally .

1)  Product Clutter: Too many products are available in market & it is very tough to stand out from the crowded product jungle so what you need to do?

Product Clutter, Branding

A product needs to be functionally able to do what it is supposed to, and do it with a good quality. Users and potential users must know why they need to use it, what benefits they can derive from it, and what it does difference it does to their lives.

2) Feature Clutter: Too many features which actually confuse the customers or potential customers and avoid them to reach the conclusion that actually which feature make this product different. So organisation should stress on only one or maximum two feature which makes their product different from their substitutes.

Many features, feature clutter

The organisation should do the only-ness test and try to find out one reason why customers should buy the product or services.

3) Advertising Clutter: Advertising clutter is a major problem for marketers and advertisers, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to be noticed using conventional mass-media.

Advertising Clutter

Organisations have to find out an innovative way to get noticed, some extend new technologies enabled the organisations to interact one to one with target audience although some organisation using conventional media in a highly innovative way to get attention. New guerrilla tactics are also very useful.

4) Message Clutter:  The large volume of messages that the average consumer is exposed to on a daily basis is creating this clutter. It developed the behaviour of ignoring them. In the language of marketing, it is called perceptual blocking. We simply see people change the channel when ads come or you or I delete emails before reading them if we sense that those emails are promotional.

Advertising Clutter, Marketing Clutter

5) Media Clutter: Today we are living in the age where media is rolling with your ear and eyes, it starts to form conventional media (News Paper, TV, Radio, Magzine, outdoor etc.) to the endless number of digital media. So getting customers attention is the really big task.

Advertising Clutter, Marketing Clutter

Creativity and innovation can only break this clutter.

Organisation should take care of aforementioned clutter in market strategy and communication programme then only they will be heard clearly in the marketplace.

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