50 Simplest Techniques to Build Powerful Brand [ Infographic ]


A brand is a person gut feeling about a product, service or organization. A brand is not a logo, identity or a product. It is not something you say, it is what your internal and external consumers or prospect says.

The most valuable asset in your account book is your NAME. If you do proper branding, It can yield you into higher product sales, and higher sales of products associated with your brand.

Through brand building is the science and arts where a loads of psychological aspects, design, innovation etc. are involved. You can do so many things to craft your brand.

Another hand if you don’t do anything to build a brand, even in that situation your brand has been building too (In Good or Bad Shape).

In recent time we have seen huge changes in media. The Internet and Social media have disrupted the tradition approach of building the brand, where controlled consistent communication was the most important thing.

Today you can’t control the communication, everyone is owning a media house where they express themselves. So upside down communication era is over.

I think you and me both won’t feel problem in agreeing that Amazon is a great brand.

I just tell you my story.

I had ordered some stuff on Amazon. They delayed in delivery and when I tried to reach them to fasten it. I got a very poor response.

I took my smartphone and without caring the greatness of the name Amazon. I shared my experience with my Facebook network.

So all greatness of communication, consistency, and visibility did not help.

Today there is the only formula to build a great brand and that is you should deliver a great brand experience.

We are living in the hyper-connected digital economy. A good  or bad experience spreads like fire.

Now come back to point.

You are having a small business with limited branding budget. Believe me, you don’t require to hire David Ogilvy to build your brand.

You can do some small and simplest steps in the daily business routine, this will make your brand super strong gradually.

You have to identify all touch point where you can add value and deliver great shareable experiences.

Here Super Logo put it all together 50 simplest ways to build your brand.



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