7 Digital Advertisement Trends that Matter for Your Business in 2017

digital advertising trends

Digital Advertising is a very interesting topic. Many love it and many call it spam. In 2002 Google launched the search engine ads. It redefined the industry. It was the first experience when marketer started getting results from intent-based targeting. More than that it was measurable.

Then second path-breaking thing I count, that is programmatic. The automated ad buy and supply system had changed the possibility of contextual and banner ads selling, buying and serving.

The remarketing is another super powerful cookies based targeting options came into the play which gave advertisers the ability to nurture past engagement and create a long-term relationship by building the list with the help of browser-based cookies.

Now we are living in social web era, so social advertising is picking up.

Meanwhile, I would like to mention the growth of native advertising. Latest trending data suggest the growth of ad blocker as well as so much of intrusive banner ads. People started to get irritated, we can see the drop in CTR & conversion of Banner ads.

Here native advertisement comes into play, native ads are used to be stitched in the original content and look like original one. It won’t give the intrusive feeling and result into higher CTR. Yes! we can debate separately on it is ethically wrong or right?

Note: Social ads are generally served in native form.

You can see below examples of Native ads.


In hardware, you will see the trend that more and more ads are served and consumed on mobile devices.

In format, though static and animated banner ads are still holding a major chunk of share but video ads are growing with exponential pace.

Messaging apps has huge traffic but still, the cloud has not being cleared that how the ad will be served on this platform? Facebook has started giving messenger destination call to action in its ad options.

Chatbots market is shaping up. In 2017 you will be going to see more and more bots. This industry still in it’s in baby steps.

Here I am sharing you DigitalMarketingPhilippines’s infographic on top seven digital advertising trends.



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