7 Key Components of a Digital Marketing Strategy Framework for Beginners [Infographic]

You hear every day that Digital Media is growing day by day. The businesses who are utilizing digital marketing strategy framework properly are growing simultaneously. You are thinking to use this media for your business but the problem is in its depth makes you confuse.

You are struggling to strategies and questions [ eg: ” Where to start ?, Which channel to use? which channel to left?” ] started rolling in mind.

I would suggest you, first define the objective of your Digital Marketing Strategy and create a detailed persona of the customers.

Once you will be done with these basic fundamentals then start basic almost all fit 7 key component approach.

Although there are huge numbers of platforms  and opportunities available on the web but before graduating, you have to pass the high school.

So start from the base and go up to the top through gathering learning and experience.

Here Purple House Media Ltd has put it all together in one infographic.

Nothing can beat the simplicity. So keep the things as simple as possible. You are a beginner, so you should avoid going into deep.

  • Start from Website, Your website is the main interaction point for your customer, so keep it simple, user-friendly, and mobile responsive.
  • Your Blog is the place where you are going to help your users and win the trust and authority. We are in the age of content marketing. You want to understand this concept completely then check my article.

How Content Marketing Could Help You Win the Game of Thrones

  • Your website is very good and the blog has very rich content but you did not get found, then your is meaningless. That is the reason, you should invest in SEO from starting.
  • An instant result will encourage you, put some budget for paid ads. It will enrich your content/ads distribution and you can get sales conversion from the bottom of the funnel.
  • Email marketing is most sustainable model of Digital Marketing. Start collecting mail ids and run digital marketing campaigns on existing database.

You can understand in email marketing in details, Read My Article: power of email marketing 

  •  47% of total web traffic is social traffic. So just see the persona of your customers and research on which social channels they spend most of the time. Start with those.
  • The results of the activities are most crucial to check what is working for you and what is not working for you. So set the KPI (Key performance indicator) for every channel which you are supposed to use. After fixing up KPI implements analytics on those channels. So you can track the data and take further inform decisions.





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