How artificial intelligence is changing the Face of E-commerce

Last year October Google said that they are working for AI first world. It was a Google’s strategic change in the stand from Mobile First world to AI first world. So I do not require to explain why AI is going to next sexy word in tech and marketing community.

Google had recently launched AI based assistant smart messaging app Google Allo. But Google believes this is only the beginning for AI.

You must be talking about big data since 10 or more than 10 years. But the big problem with the big data is maximum people still struggling to get meaningful actionable insight from it.

Here AI will not only solve the problem of getting insights albeit it will proceed action also.

Organizations are experiencing a fundamental change in customer behavior. Nowadays customers expect more personalize experiences. Eg: They hate advertisement but love personalizes and meaningful ads.

Amazon is using AI since a long time to recommend products to you. They introduced powerful audio assistance “Alexa” too.

E-comm companies betting big on artificial intelligence. If you are running an e-commerce business then please start to think to enable and utilize AI possibilities. It could shape up great experiences for your customers.

Here RedStagFulfillment put it all together about “The growth of AI in Ecommerce industry”.

Note: AI won’t replace the human work, it will just reduce the mechanise human jobs.


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