Using these 25 Black Hat Techniques can Finish Your Online Presence

Black Hat SEO Techniques

SEO industry is highly technocratic. I prefer to differ with existing parctice of SEOs. My personal belief is, SEO should be part of marketing not IT.

Google or any other search engine can’t afford you to ignore if you are really useful and unique in solving the problems of your users.

I am not suggesting that you should not follow technical SEO strategies. You should do all which makes your site both user and crawler friendly. You should put all kind of tags, optimise site speed and all.

But I tell you, Your site won’t be ranked because technically it is perfect. Technical perfection can just assist search crawler to crawl and understand your site. For indexing and ranking you will have to create value which can help your users.

It have met many people in industry who believe SEO is all about trick and techniques. I can understand this as many SEO proffesionals helped the compaies to rank through using Black Hat techniques.

But those days are gone. Google and other search engine has become too agressive in penalising the tricky things. Google’s very deadly algorithm Panda and Penguine has penalised millions of websites who were using Black hat techniques to get ranked by decieving search engine.

You may be getting SEO done directly through your inhouse team or external agencies. You have to check after reading this post. Whether you are improving overall experience of your users or working to trick the search engine.

Here Red Web Design UK put it all together in single infographics. Kindly go through it and see you are not using any of the below listed techniques in your SEO program.

My suggestion is If you using it then immediatly STOP and UNDO previous work too. This is serious and can kill your online presence.


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