The Brand Flip: Why Customers Now Run Companies (Take Away Points)

brand flip marty neumeier

Marty Neumeier (author of The Brand Gap and Zag) describes many new ideas in his book The Brand Flip: Why Customers Now Run Companies — and How to Profit from It (It released in 2015, though  I read this book a bit late in 2017)

Like his earlier books, this is also very simple but thought provoking and applicable. While I was reading the book, felt many times a lightbulb moment.

Like Zag (iPod-inspired brand called Yubop), In this book, Neumeier put a virtual company case study of Chocolate Tea also.

He explains the brand flip simply: “A brand is not owned by the company, but by the customers who draw meaning from it. Your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what they say it is.”

Take Away Points from “The Brand Flip: Why Customers Now Run Companies — and How to Profit from It”

  • An explosion of connectivity, and the power it gives customers, is turning companies upside down.
  • Industry is undergoing a massive migration from a material-based economy to a digital one.
  • The question isn’t whether your company will be disrupted, but when.
  • Customers today don’t “consume.” having more runs a distant second to being more.
  • Today’s customers want more than features, more than benefits, and more than experiences. They want meaning.
  • They don’t buy brands. They join brands.
  • They want a vote in what gets produced and how it gets delivered.
  • A successful brand can become a touchstonein a customer’s life— a vivid symbol of what’s useful, delightful, and even magical.
  • When a product becomes a symbol, the symbol becomes the product
  • In a flipped business, the product is not the innovation, the customer is. The company with the best customers wins.
  • The best brand builders see greatness in their customers, and figure out ways to enable it.
  • Any effort to get customers is marketing. Any effort to keep them is branding.
  • The best question to ask a new product marketer is not “How big is the segment,” but “You and what army?”
  • In the age of easy group-forming, the basic unit of measurement is not the segment but the tribe.
  • To achieve authenticity with your tribe, you have to begin with company purpose— the reason you’re in business beyond making money.
  • Each brand experience should be the brand in miniature, a representative sample of what your customers understand about the company and its offerings.
  • You can’t decide a great customer experience. You have to design it.
  • Delight in the minimal, the ultra clear, the super simple. Never add without trying to subtract.
  • The goal of designing prototypes is not to impress your customers, but let them impress you with their reactions, knowledge, and insights.
  • We now live in a world of participatory theater in which we watch the performance and simultaneously judge the performer.

I can tell you this is Neumeier’s successive book which builds new concepts, that are critical to business in today’s environment. The best part is the book is an economy of words, You can finish it in 2 hours.

I highly recommend this book. Every marketing, branding professionals, and business owners should read it and try out its actionable insights.


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