How to Combine SEO and PPC Strategies to Outperform Your Competitors ?

Search engine optimisation and PPC are the all different thing, but it is related deeply too. You may be running both separately but if you plan joint strategy where they can complement each other. It will synergise your search engine marketing efforts.

SEO and PPC both are related to high intent based contextual search results in SERP. First, three or four results are ads (PPC) and then there are organic results. For search ads, you pay per click where organic results are free.

SEO efforts take a time to convert into result while PPC is quick and immediate.

Now come to the point. As a business owner or marketer, your wish will be to dominate the SERP. It is simple to understand the more visibility you will receive on search engine result page, there will be more chances of getting a higher number of leads or online sales.

Here I just want to insist even you are ranking up for some keywords, you should include those in your PPC plan also. It will give you twofold visibility.

Best performing keywords in PPC campaign is the best indicator for SEO. You will have clarity where to invest your effort and money. There is the probability that best performing keyword in paid campaign will perform well in organic results also if you get succeeded in getting you page ranked for those keys.

Most important communications on SERP are “title tags and meta description”. The best performing ad copy of PPC campaign can be utilized to optimize it.

You may be getting search queries data through Google Search Console and further you can drill down in analytics for which queries are bringing favorable results for your business. You can use your best performing queries term as PPC keywords. This way your SEO data can help your PPC efforts.

Some keywords are extremely costly and affecting your overall PPC ROI but the same time they are very important for your business too. Here you can set SEO priorities like you will work to rank for high-cost keywords first and set low-cost keywords little later in your priority list.

PPC is a very effective tool to test Keywords, Meta Tags, and title tags before starting SEO work on that. It will refine your keywords and content copies for long-term plans.

Best performing landing pages of your site can give the lead for improvement in ads landing pages. By implementing those ideas will improve the quality score of ads. Hence your cost will be minimized and ROI will be up.

You can run retargeting PPC campaign on your organic visitors. This will keep the nurturing process ongoing and you will receive more conversion.

If you are agency then blending the PPC and SEO insights can make a great case study for your client. This will help you to convince them with in-depth knowledge of overall search engine strategies.

Here Klientboost and ahrefs put it all ideas together in one infographic. Go through it !




Hope you love this Infographic. If you are using any other SEO + PPC combine strategies then please share your ideas in the comment box below. 🙂


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