Content Copywriting: 200 Powerful Words To Use Instead of ‘Good’


Seth Godin has written in his book Tribe …

Someone asked you ‘How was your day? If your answer was fine, then I don’t think you were leading.’

‘Fine’ is just too normal and boring to catch the attention.

The word has the power to change the world, but if you think that generic word can make the difference then you are wrong.

There are millions of words in English language. We use some of them so often everywhere & everyday.  So when you write your copy, it needs to be different than generic.

Powerful words can transmit the emotion and information simultaneously to your readers left and right brain, Generic word will bring you a generic response for you.

Ok! Lets simplify it, you want to create awesome content, hence the word ‘GOOD’ will not make your content awesome.

Here you can just learn 200 Awesome words which can be used instead of ‘GOOD’.


Infographic by Custom Writing


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