How to Create Perfect SEO Friendly Content ?

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Everyone wants traffic from search engine.  So organizations invest in Search Engin Optimization but in the year 2017 SEO is not an easy game. Before starting the post I would love to burst the myth that, there is any trick prevail in the world which will get you on the first page of search engine.

If your agency claiming to get you ranked through fooling the search engine. JUST FIRE THEM!

It is very dangerous to give a try.

There are tricks (Black Hat) but it could well enough to kill your dream of getting traffic from search engine.

Black hat days are gone. If you will ask me a simple hack then my oneliner will be “Google will love you only if everyone else will love you first”

So, Perfect SEO content means it should look perfect to users first, then only search engine will count it perfect. You have to care about your user first. You have to see whether your content is solving the problem of users or not?

Ok! After checking that now come to the technical part. You can categorically care about below points while creating the contents.

#1. Select the “Topic” wisely

People generally don’t search keyword, they search for a topic. They want answer of their queries. Simple.

Now we are living in the age of the semantic web. Google has the understanding of synonyms or intent of content, so you actually don’t require to think about old school thought like keyword density and all.

Keep your content natural and related to a topic.

#2. But Keywords have not become obsolete yet.

( Referring to point one ) Should you not optimise for keywords?

No! You have to do this, but in little different fashion. You should use your main Keywords in Title Tag, URL, H Tags, and Paragraphs, but it is not necessary that you should use the exact keyword. You can use phrase, synonyms and similar intent words also.

You can use phrase, synonyms and similar intent words also.

#3. Image gives life to your content

Backlingo study shows that having one image in text content has an advantage over text-only content.

Though search engine became so much smart but still it is dependent on text to understand Image. So you have to do the followings to optimise your image.

a) Image file name should be related to content

b) Write customise image title (Catchy Tittle can bring you traffic from Google Image Search Result Page)

c) Write Alt Tag by Keeping main content keyword in mind

d) If you can add separate meta description of image, it will add value further

#4. Long Form Content generally rank on first page of Google results

As per Backlingo analysis, Long-form content ranks higher in Google’s search results than short-form content. The average word count of a Google first page result is 1,890 words.

The theory behind the long form is, Google gives preference to an in-depth content. The second hypothesis is long form content receives a bit more social shares and many SEO experts now days claiming the social signal influence on page rank.

#5. Stunning Headline improves CTR

Great headline drives higher CTR. Many SEO test reports have established the co-relation between Higher CTR and page rank.

Rand Fishkin (Founder of SEOMoz) conducted one of the most popular tests of the influence of CTR on Google’s search results. He asked people to do a specific search and click on the link to his blog (which was in 7th position). This impacted the rankings for a short period of time, moving the post up to 1st position.

I have done a post on this –> 11 Simple Hacks to Improve Click Through Rate in Google’s Search Results

#6. Internal and External Linking pass authority signals

The Internet is the web and you require to weave your thread there too. Your content could not have all information, simultaneously you are not GOD, so you can’t know everything. Hence wherever possible you refer users to the source of information.

Linking to authority sites are a very good signal. Many people think that if they will link external sites then it will drive away their traffic. Though it is true that user could drive through the links but it is a good signal. You won’t regret sending users to authority sites.

Google’s rank brain algorithm totally bank upon the sentiment and experience of users. If users get satisfied by your site and referring site information then this is a good signal for your content and you will have an advantage. External linking has following benefits

a) Google thinks it a good signal

b) You will build a relationship with the others (Who are receiving traffic from your site)

c) Users get more detailed information

Internal Linking: As possible as more than often keep linking your internal quality contents. Your old content will pass the authority to new content.

#7. Write for Human, not for Machine

This is the most important point. You are doing all optimization and all, but truth is your content will be consumed by a human. If that will not helpful then there is no point to rank because it will not go to fulfill your objective. So always focus on quality from the users point of view.

Here Mad Lemmings put it all together in a single infographic. Please go through it…

SEO Friendly content


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