Do you forget to tune Radio ?

Since my childhood I love the word  ‘AKASHVAANI’ .When I visit my childhood days and accumulate the pieces of memory. I find there is big space of my memory chip occupied by radio. I count how our morning was started with the serene rhyme of the Ramayana. I still remember some great program like Binaka Geetmala, Kehkasha, Hawamahal and so on & stations like AIR, Vivid Bharati, BBC as well local stations. But sadly people of India (including me also) stopped listening to a radio and started watching an idiot box.

 But this situation did not stand out for a long time, radio made its great come back. And all at once generation of youngsters is rediscovered this means of entertainment & it is supported by increasing congestion, commuting distances, a proliferation of vehicles. Especially in metros FM radio entered in cars, hostels, reading room, canteen etc, one can see its future as an important niche medium is gaining its ground. Then why marketers ignore this medium in their media planning? Radio commercials hold a marginal share among the main media categories. Here I would like to quote David Ogilvy who said “Radio is the Cinderella medium,” he compared radio to the poor stepdaughter of media.

Radio Marketing, Radio Advertising

 Radio Enable you not only to visualize but also create imagery in the listener’s mind. I recall my school days when my city was suffering from power cut & we were sticking our ears on the live cemetery. I do recall how Ajay Jajeda had hit Wakar Yunus in 1996 cricket world cup and so much best cricket I SAW ON RADIO. Now FM radio emerged as powerful influencer who is giving the same kind of visual through sound as well as the severing big segment of society. There are an emerging lot of mini-celebrities who are making a name for themselves as Radio Jockeys. Some of them are already topics of conversation at pubs and campus. If Radio Jockey reads your advertising message in his/her own voice, at his/her pace, in tune with the mood of his/her program, it might make the difference. Celebrity advertising is all about cashing in on the image, appeal and value of aspiration that a successful people provide. And most of the Rjs provide that. Is there an opportunity here?

“Radio affects people intimately, person to person, offering a world of unspoken communication between the writer, speaker and the listener – a private experience” – (‘Marshall McLuhan’). But there are big challenges in making commercial for Radio. First people don’t listen to the radio with concentration because at the same time they do some other works also like driving, gossiping, cooking, studying etc, Second best brain of advertising industry are involving in making TVC. So now time to change the view about this medium and marketer should remove “add-on” tag from it.  The creative writer should pay attention towards this medium and company should invest more in it with the hope of getting advantage not only fulfilling the quorum. When voice is the single major determinant that draws the attention of listeners, thus here more creativity is required than any other medium. Sadly creative writers are keener to create for television.

A marketer should ask some question before launching his/her Radio campaign.

  1.   Does the message attract the listener’s attention?
  2.   Does it appeal to listener’s self –interest?
  3. Do the words paint the picture?
  4.   Does it give the listener a reason to act now?
  5.   Does it say too much and mean too little?

Start giving importance to Radio as an independent media vehicle in your media planning. Akashvaani might be like Dev-vaani for your business.

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