4 ways to integrate Facebook and Email strategies together

Facebook is the biggest social media channel of the world. It has 1.3 billion users worldwide. Data shows an average individual check his/her Facebook feed around 30 – 60 times a day, if we limit it to 18 to 25 age group bracket then it is 150 times a day. This kind of heavily consumed media never happened before in history. So it’s importance can’t be ignored. You use email automation tools for lead generation and nurturing.Where You nurture the relationship through various type of communications based on the behavioural pattern of the users, but why you limit the relationship only to user’s mailbox when they are checking their Facebook feed more than their Inbox. You as a marketer want customers attention and if you can get it on Facebook then you should go for it. You can expose your personalised content on Facebook to the same user whom you are approaching in their mailbox. Generally, people run their E-mail campaign and Facebook campaign separately and that is not standard practice when the whole digital ecosystem is connected to each other. Here are 4 ways by you can integrate your strategy.

A) Facebook Branding: Use Facebook branding on your mailer design. So the user can click on and explore your company Facebook page. Encourage the users to follow your page. Not frequently but sometimes use call-to-action button for some specific information which brings traffic to your FB page.

Facebook Marketing

B) Sign Up Campaign: Only trying to engage mailer traffic on facebook is not enough, you can do it vice-a-versa as well. Run e-newsletter or gated e-book sign-up campaigns on Facebook, so can make e-mailer list from Facebook fans.

Facebook Marketing

C) Custom Audience: You can find that very less user clicking on Facebook branding on your mailer, don’t worry about it. You can upload your E-mail list on Facebook through Power editor and the Facebook robot will create a list from matching ids where you can target them with paid campaign.

Facebook Custom Audience, Facebook Marketing

d) E-mail Retargeting:  People who open your mail, you can retarget them on Facebook, Let’s say if any person opens a mail where you are introducing some solutions. So, on next level, you generally further send them more information or case study or white paper about the same through the same medium. Now imagine the situation one hand you are nurturing the contact through mail automation principles and other hand nurturing the same contact on Facebook eg: through live video or through personalised messages etc. Nurturing could be very easy. And you will get space to reduce your nurturing mailer frequency as well also . This is a very powerful tool but you can’t do it through Facebook Ad manager or Power editor. This feature is available through Facebook Ad exchange (FBX) although it is open for only big budget advertiser but here you can find some solution provider like Perfect Audience who offer this service to small size business as well.

Engage your audience on mailbox and facebook with helpful and interesting content  and build long term relationship. Cheers 🙂

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