Does Facebook Marketing Work for Ultra Niche B2B Businesses ?

How B2B Marketers Use Facebook to Reach Customers

Many B2B marketers ask, Does Facebook marketing works for B2B businesses? This question is taking rounds in web and there is a pretty good number of content available to tell you that how you can target your audience for B2B businesses.

Facebook Ads are well utilised by B2C companies and being perceived that it is not good for B2B but this myth needs to be destroyed

Facebook offers quite precise targeting options for B2B businesses. You can use following targeting options to reach your target audience.

B2B Domographic targeting for facebook

Aforementioned target options are quite wide and if you will utilise with good content, it will give you a good return.

As per my experience, these options work only if your B2B business serves a big audience. BUT if your business serves ultra-niche audience then it is very tough to get a personalised segmented data on Facebook.

A major challenge for small B2B businesses is to get access to their small target audience. If you will see how Facebook organise data then you will realise that since your business or industry is very small, so no body is talking about that on Facebook.

When no one is talking about your industry, product or anything else related, then it is impossible for Facebook to tailor personalised targeting data for you.

So, in this case, you don’t have the opportunity to build community on Facebook. Your page will be alone and your content updates will die without making any impact.

But if you think strategically then you have great opportunity to make very active and engaged community on Facebook.

Since Facebook has no data for you then you can supply your data to Facebook and put them on the job to create a personalised list, whom you can target. Facebook has an option called custom audience. It can work wonder for you. I will explain it in details.

Other than custom audience there are many other ways too which can help in synergising your Facebook campaigns.

Let’s see all ideas one by one.

1. Bring your employees on your page: charity starts from home. Your employees will become the follower first. You just need to send email news letter and request them to join the page.

2. Cross promote the page on other online offline portals: You have a website, you run email campaign or any other online activity, just include your Facebook page there and ask to follow your page. You can add your FB page Id on your brochure, hoardings, signages etc.

3. Create Custom Audience: This is the mantra to get success on Facebook. You need to create all possible custom audiences and run targeted Facebook ads on them. You will just rock.

You can create three types of custom audiences.

  • Contact List: Facebook matches users through email IDs, Phone numbers and Facebook Ids
  • Website Traffic: Here you put FB pixel in website and FB creates audience, so the second level of web engagement is great opportunity
  • App Data: Create a list of people who have taken specific action on your app.

How to create the custom audience for Facebook advertisement?

Building Contact List 

Facebook matches users through email IDs, Phone numbers and Facebook Ids. So here you can take leverage of your CRM data, data collected from gated contents, sign up data, visitors data from exhibition & events etc. For B2B organisation, it is very good lead nurturing opportunity.

#Step 1 Open Ad Manager and go in Audience option.

Facebook Audience


#Step 2 Go to “create audience” and select “custom audience” option.

Creation of Custome Audience

Creation of Custome Audience2

#Step 3 You will see three options (Customer List, Website Traffic, and App Activity), Select Customer List.

Creation of custom audience 3

#Step 4 Here you will see options to upload Email, Phone Number, and Facebook App user ID. Upload your data there. Give a name to your audience and go next, you are almost done. Rest work will be done by Facebook.

Creation of custom audience 4

How to create a custom audience from your web traffic?

Here you put FB pixel in website and FB creates the audience, so the second level of web engagement is a great opportunity. For creating an audience from your web traffic, you have to insert Facebook Pixels in your website.

#Step 1 Go in Ad Manager and select Pixel option.

Facebook Pixel Creation

#Step 2 Click on Set-Up tab

Facebook Pixel Creation1

#Step 3 Copy Pixel the code and put it in between <head> </head> of every page of your site.

Facebook Pixel Creation2

Facebook Pixel Creation3

#Step 3 Now back to “Create Custom Audience Option” and select Website Traffic.

Facebook Pixel Creation6

#Step 4 According to your objective save audience in a different category, as you can see in below screenshot.

Facebook Pixel Creation4

Create a list from your App traffic

Create a list of people who have taken specific action on your app. I don’t have any App right now to demonstrate this option. Will update it later

How to use Facebook custom audience data?

The custom audience does not mean that the people from the list going to see your updates. This audience is solely meant for advertising purpose by paying Facebook.

Let’s see how you can access this audience while creating Facebook ad campaigns.

#Step 1. Go to Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor

#Step 2. Create a campaign

Facebook creating campaign

Save the Draft.

#Step 3. Click on Adset

Custom Audience Campaign1

Step 4. Type the name of you custom audience, it will pop up. Then select

Custom Audience Campaign2


Ok. Continue with all suitable filter, then create the ad and launch the campaign. This way you are going to target a right kind of audience and take leverage of power of Facebook.

If you will consistently update your audience and engage them in right way, after some time your Facebook community will be created and you will have a fan club of relevant contacts, who will help your business to grow.

Try this and share your experience.

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