Facebook Messenger is Insanely Powerful for Your Business, Are You Using It ?

Messaging apps are eating out social media in terms of traffic. You must have experienced facebook messenger or whats app. They are the highly engaged place and growing with exponential speed. Do you use it for your business? 

Whats app is not opened for business purposes officially. So there only organic business opportunities are possible (We will discuss it in some other post).

Another hand Facebook messenger is opened up for businesses and you can have all organic and inorganic benefits from it.

Day by day customers are becoming less patient, they want the solution to their problems right away, the moment they discover them. In this fast pace expectation, the messenger app can reduce your pressure.

I have become so vocal advocate of Facebook Messenger (This is my third post on the topic). Because I guess future will depend on your capacity to give unique & hyper-personalized experience to your customers.

FB Messenger gives you an opportunity to connect with your customers in a one-to-one manner with consistency. You can not give this kind of experience to your customers elsewhere.

If you see the growth of messenger with seriousness then you will have no doubt on it. I am sure you will amend your media plan and include messenger in that.

You can see here how messaging apps surpassed the social networks.


We use to talk a lot about social media engagement. The Internet is full of advice, tools, and techniques that how we can optimize for business gain.

Messenger app attention is still untapped by businesses. You are knowing that early movers have a better advantage.

Here I will give you a complete tour of Facebook Messenger and how you can use this to hack growth for your business.

Start with the brief understanding of Facebook Messenger

It is not new service, though it is maturing in last two years.

Facebook Messenger or Messenger, is an instant messaging service and software application which provides text, voice and video communication.

  • In 2011 Facebook had launched Android and IOS version of app.


  • In 2014 Facebook announced that for using Facebook Messenger on the phone you have to install Facebook Messenger App as it will not be available in Facebook App.


  • In 2015 they added features like money transfer to friend ( Only Available in United State ), Video Calling, Uber integration etc.


  • In April 2016 during F8 conference, they announced Messenger Bot and opened up all kind of commercial possibilities.

Let’s see the growth pattern of Facebook Messenger (This Pattern makes your case strong that why you should not ignore this opportunity?)


A Billion users are a big number. No one can afford to ignore this.

Let’s break this stat further for clarity.


Source: DMR Stats

OMG ! 11 % of the world total population uses this app. 

Some more stats….



Source: DMR Stats

These are thought provoking stats, showing the business and commercial possibility of this App.

Messenger is second biggest media in the world after Facebook.

More than instant messaging, calling (Video/Audio) and photo/audio/video sharing, facebook has a grand plan to simplify your life through Bots.

See My Post –> Facebook Messenger Bots are Going to be New Reality ?

You will be using a bot for weather reports, live score of your favorite sports, daily news etc.

In advanced usage, you will be doing commercial activities like shopping, bill payment, cab booking, food order and for much more other transactional things.

See My Post –> My Experience with Conversational Commerce Bot Niki.ai

Future is quite clear, I am ready to see the race to trade attention on FB messenger. You should prepare for this too.

How You Can Use Facebook Messenger for businesses ?

Do your customers use Facebook Messenger ?

Maybe Yes !

Ok! Now your task is, you have to connect your customers to Facebook Messenger and start a conversation to give totally new and unique one-to-one interaction & experience.

There are many ways to invite your customers to communicate with you or your organization through Facebook Messenger.

#1. Populate The Messenger Code:

Have you used snapchat ever?

If yes then you have an idea about snapchat code, messenger code also works similarly.

If you have never used snapchat. It’s ok ! No problem here I am giving you idea in details through pictorial demonstration.

Through Messenger code, people can connect to your business. it is simple and handy.

First, you have to grab a code. You can get this code in your Facebook Page Message section.

Go to your Facebook business page –> Click on Inbox –> Find The Icon below (As Marked In Image)


Click on that Icon, A pop – up will appear.


You can download the Icon and populate that.

If you want to connect your customers on your personal messenger then simply open your messenger App in your phone and tab on profile Icon. Your messenger code will appear.


Your customers just have to scan the code through their messenger app and it is done.

Distribution of messenger code is relatively easy than getting your customer onboard on social media platforms.

a) Print the code on marketing materials: You can integrate online and offline activities to give a complete journey to your customers.

Get the code printed on the brochure, leaflets, catalogue, annual reports and hard copy of the newsletter. Encourage customers to scan it to connect and communicate.

If you are product company then you can use the code on product packaging.

b) Share the code on social: You can share the code and ask your audience to join through your social platforms. You can have Social DP (Display Picture ) of the downloaded code.

c) Other web properties: You can embed the code on your website, blog and landing pages. Many websites designed a pop-up to invite users to save the messenger code or directly scan-to-connect.

d) Mailer: You must be doing email campaigns. Further, implement the code distribution idea through your emails. You can have the code in every mails as like social icons.

You can have it in mail signature too.

Distribution possibility is unlimited. Just think and implement.

#2. Populate private Message Link:

The messenger code is not the only way to invite customers to connect. You can get private message link. You can distribute it in all possible way to invite your customers to directly communicate with you or your

You can distribute it in all possible way to invite your customers to communicate directly with you or your organization in messenger.

You can promote the link through FB paid campaign also.


Other Way: You don’t really have to grab your URLs for private messages from aforementioned Image location. All you have to do is add your username (facebook.com/username) to the following URLs:

  1. fb.me/msg/username
  2. m.me/username

Both links work fine like the copied links. you can use it online and offline.

#3. Set The Auto Responder:

An auto responder is the best way to reduce the waiting time by completing the communication circuit.

Setting an auto responder is simple, Just click on settings of your business page and select a messaging option.


You can set two type of response a) Time bound b) Instant Reply

You will find both options next to each other and here I am sharing screen shot of both.





You can customize whatever generic message suits to your business. You can set up greetings or

In general, You can set up greetings or wait time to respond.

#4. Teach Customers to locate you by User Name or Business Name: Your customers can directly search you in search bar inside the messenger app. You can prepare a video or GIF to train them.


#5. Run your paid campaign by putting “Send Message” Button in Call To Action: Here this is great news for you. You want an instant response or start direct one to one conversation with your targeted audience, then you can use “SEND MESSAGE” button in call-to-action.

The destination of CALL-To-ACTION button will be inbox of your messenger.


Although this feature is still rolling out. Maybe right now it is only available in United States but soon it will be available in every country.

How to Create a Messenger Destination Facebook Ads ? You can learn here.

#6. Get A Chatbot:

This is the most powerful thing. Messenger bots can connect all the people directly to the business and automate customer engagement and interactions.

Think ! what you can automate for your business, It could be service, commerce, information or lead generation.

It completely depends on your business and possibilities of automated interactions.

You can make your chatbot by yourself also, try Mobile Monkey, You don’t require to be a coder to get it done.


We are living in connection economy and the winner of the game will not be decided by size and capacity of the giant  factories. The winners will those who will connect their customers in best possible ways.

Here I see millions of people chatting on a platform called Facebook Messenger and like other channels, they are ready to communicate with the businesses they care about.

They are just waiting for you. Go engage them. 🙂

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