Facebook rolls out Deep Text – Take for Marketers

Facebook Deep Link

Facebook announced it’s another update in artificial intelligence algorithm. Facebook always wants to know more about you. If it can understand the difference between “I WANT TO BUY A CAR” and “I WANT TO SELL A CAR” then it can recommend the content for you more perfectly. Simultaneously if Facebook will have more personalized data about you then can sell your interest more precisely to advertisers to target 😉

Facebook explains that “to get closer to how humans understand the text, we need to teach the computer to understand things like slang and word-sense disambiguation. As an example, if someone says, “I like blackberry,” does that mean the fruit or the device?”

DeepText is already being tested on some Facebook experiences. In the case of Messenger, for example, DeepText is used by the AML Conversation Understanding team to get a better understanding of when someone might want to go somewhere. It’s used for intent detection, which helps realize that a person is not looking for a taxi when he or she says something like, “I just came out of the taxi,” as opposed to “I need a ride.”

You can have the entire update here.

Tech Crunch highlighted legal aspect and help aspect in case of abuse and harassment. Of course, the privacy implications might rattle some people. Facebook is now highlighting that it scans the content of your private messages — something that made Facebook the target of a class-action lawsuit in the past.

But at the same time, DeepText could help Facebook weed out harassment and abuse. If it can automatically pick out hate speech from status updates that merely contain controversial terms, it could prevent a human from ever suffering the harassment and having to report it manually. Facebook already says that its AI systems report more offensive photos than humans on its social network.

For marketer it has win – won game right now. The more precise targeting will lead to better ad placement and hence better ROI. The biggest potential application of this technology (Facebook’s new DEEP TEXT – a text understanding engine) is one that Facebook is just beginning to explore.

Deep Text could eventually help Facebook to understand the topic area and even the content of just about anything people post, from personal announcements to news stories to discussions about a TV show. That information could allow Facebook to build far more detailed profiles of each user’s interests, which could help with everything from news feed ranking to ad targeting.

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