Understand ABC of Google Analytics in 2 Minutes [ INFOGRAPHIC ]

ABC of Google Analytics

You are having business website or blog. There are some questions always roam in your mind that who are the people who do visit your website ? Why they do visit your website ? What content do they consume? Which content is generating traffic for your site? Did you & they get any tangible or intangible value from engagement ? 

You actually want an answer to many these types of questions. The ultimate answer to these questions to have good web analytics tool. Track the data and interpret those data in a manner to get your answers. There is many web analytics solution available in the market. The basic version of Google Analytics is widely popular and free too.

But the problems with Google Analytics or any analytics tool is, that they produce tons of data. So classification and interpretation of those data is a real challenge for marketers.

Generally, You get the Google Analytics implemented on your web property but hardly get any help from the analytics data to take informed decisions. We should remember that action matters data does not. Data is a just facilitator of decision making.

So for taking the decision with the help of data , you require an understanding of it first. Google Analytics is a huge platform. You could find it complex if you have never used it for your blog or business site. Here Orbit Media Solution come up with very precise and simple infographic to make you understand this platform.


RE-STRESSING THE FACT: Reports don’t affect the outcome. Actions do.


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