How to Handle Online Trolls ?

Internet Trolls are the funny creature who like to dig their nose in anything or everything. Many times they are entertaining and amusing but sometimes they can hit your reputation or your business.

Little trolling is really fun but when it becomes intentional and organized. It leads real world repercussion.

Many political parties and business houses hire Trolls to organize the attack to damage the reputation of their competitors.

John Rampton is an entrepreneur, who faced Trolls attack several times on his free hosting business, has 10 point suggestion for you on how to handle Trolls ?

1. Establish a Policy especially for Trolls 

2. Trolls want attention, Simply Ignore Them

3. Make Let Light of the Situation: Humour is the best way to engage with them. This will calm the situation.

4. Unmask Them: “Trolls thrive on anonymity.” By taking away that power, you may make that troll think twice about leaving nasty comments on your website, blog, or social media account.

5. Don’t Provide them a Platform

6. Use Moderators and Online Tools

7. Create a Unified Community

8. Listen: Sometimes Troll can be a genuine customer who wants to be heard.

9. Fight Back With Facts

10. Correct Mistakes: If you are in real fault correct them simply.

The aforementioned suggestions are generous and professional. It will work.

But I found another very interesting Infographic by Single Grain. It is bit risky but funny. It suggesting you engage with trolls in their language.

If you are a business organization or reputed individual then use it at your own risk.  Here it is.



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