How to Build a Brand Online for Your Small Business

brand building for small business

The brand is the most important asset for any company. Branding is a single most important strategy which differenciate you from your competition.

Small businesses often struggle with the idea of branding. They think it is a game of big players like Coke and Pepsi.

But now we are in digital age, the cost of building a brand has been minimized.

First I let you make it clear that “Your logo is not BRAND”. People hold gut feeling about you and your company is a brand.

So please understand you have to design experiences around identities not only identities.

You have to first identify the basic touch points where you and your customers interact and transact. Make a list of those and design experiences to cover them.

For making those experiences easy to memorize and recalled, you require designing of identities around it. Simple !

Now days Internet has become the primary interface for your customers to explore, discover and research. They expect what they are purchasing or planning to purchase is discoverable online.

Here I am sharing you Free website infographic “how to build brand online”. Go through it and implement the actionable advice of this graphic.


How to build personal brand online

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