5 Tips to Move Your Rank Up on Google Search Result [ INFOGRAPHIC ]

The immortal question is roaming around the web since the rise of Google, how to rank up in Google search results.

And the answer is not same every year.

Now we are seeing the semantic web, where Google robot provides us more precise search results.

Google almost killed the black hat SEO. Now you can not trick the Search Engine so easily. AI and Machine learning precisely started understanding the quality of content.

Voice search is growing exponentially. So natural language is another factor in ranking determination.

Google uses more than 1000 factors in determining ranks.

Though there is an endless number of factors which influence the rank but some factors are the foundation stone.

Red Web Design has put 5 most important factors in one infographic.

They are;

  1. Optimise for Rank Brain
  2. Optimise for Local Presence
  3. Optimise for Natural Language and Voice Search
  4. Answer The Questions
  5. Optimise for Twitter



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