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Even the most experienced mechanics had to start somewhere; they weren’t born with the knowledge necessary to understand how to put an engine back together. At some point, they had to study a blueprint or schematic to understand the basics before they could roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Over time, experience and muscle memory takes over, and they could probably do the work blindfolded — but what has become second nature for them began with a basic introduction to a complex machine.

Likewise, you can’t expect to understand a complex machine such as an Internet marketing lead generation campaign without some kind of blueprint or roadmap — to know exactly what goes into it and how it all fits together.

Without that, Internet marketers essentially are flying blind, most likely not noticing that some small-but-critical elements of their campaigns are missing.

Leads don’t spontaneously appear out of this air; there is an extremely complicated process behind the scenes that drives website visitors to convert, so understanding the care and maintenance of that machine is essential.


Building the Blueprint for successful lead generation campaign


Here at Straight North, an Internet marketing firm based in Chicago, we’ve focused a lot on taking apart successful lead generation campaigns and figuring out what makes them tick.

When we started, there was no real blueprint for such a complicated machine, so we decided to create one to help our professionals and our clients better understand how such a campaign works.

Based on the research and time we’ve put into disassembling and studying these campaigns, we’ve reverse-engineered a diagram that can serve as a blueprint to help Internet marketers understand what goes into a successful lead generation campaign.

Originally, we created this visualization as a training tool for our professionals to use in-house, but we’ve found it also can be a powerful tool to help our clients understand the complexity of their campaigns and what they need to have in place to ensure that those campaigns are successful.

One of the biggest problems we’ve found is that, although many clients know these campaigns are complicated, that in and of itself isn’t enough to fully comprehend what makes one successful.

Like most complex systems, simply having a blueprint for how it’s constructed can make understanding it much easier.


Complex Systems need highly specialized knowledge


With so many vital components that make up an Internet marketing lead generation campaign, it can seem as though understanding it is nearly impossible for anyone without highly specialized knowledge.

For any business trying to enhance its online presence and generate new sales leads, the complex nature of this system can seem impenetrable.

That’s where this accompanying flowchart becomes an invaluable tool for marketers and their clients. As seen below, a lead generation campaign consists of numerous moving parts organized into subsystems that all feed into the larger mechanism.

Each piece of the system plays a small but significant part within the entire process, meaning that if any one of them are missing or malfunctioning, it can create a serious drag on the entire system and result in serious problems.

For example, having a lead validation component is critical for marketers to know exactly how many sales leads are being generated by each source on their site.

Without lead validation, marketers won’t be able to distinguish between true sales leads and other types of conversions that don’t lead to sales — meaning they lack crucial information that could be vital to optimizing their sites, or cause them to potentially waste resources.

Using the flowchart below can be a great help to Internet marketers because it illustrates how all of the various pieces of a lead generation campaign fit together and serve the greater whole.

Until it becomes second nature, there’s no substitute for having a detailed blueprint to guide your work in building an Internet marketing lead generation campaign.


Infographic created by Straight North, an internet marketing firm

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