Live video streaming battle starts !

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Facebook announced its new feature Facebook Live video platform. As I said in the title, “Live video streaming battle starts ?” that mean Facebook live is going to compete with Periscope, Google Hangout, Snapchat or any other live video streaming platforms.

I think in many ways it (Facebook Live ) will be the game changer and other platforms should feel a fear of that except snapchat. Later I will tell you why snapchat should not feel fear from facebook live.

First, see what can people do with facebook live and how it has an edge over other existing live video platforms.

a) Facebook live gives you instant video and you can edit it on the timeline.

b) You can live stream in a specific group and receive the reaction on Video itself.

c) Use doodle and filter on video like snapchat

d) You can view a map that shows you everyone on the planet currently broadcasting live video.

Now my view is it is a serious threat to pericope (App developed by twitter) as it matches all features, and Facebook is going to push this feature to its 1.3 billion user base. We can see they made this feature appears in the main status feed tab, so no one can ignore.

The Second reason, Facebook is giving an algorithmic advantage to FB live stream video, they will show this more and more people and bump the video to random people also based on various interest.

The third aspect is Facebook announced that they are going to pay to celebrities to produce live videos so they can engage the larger crowd.

Now the question is why snapchat should not fear from it? Ok! People who are saying that snapchat should feel fear in actual they didn’t understand the reason of snapchat success. Snapchat works on completely different social motivation to facebook, twitter or any other social networks. Where facebook help you to record your thoughts and moments and save that for future. Where snapchat offer you to record your moment which is going to be lost in 24 hours? And then there is user age group factor is also available which will give a defence to snapchat.

Tips for using Facebook live

I am exploring right now that how business can utilise facebook live, will follow in the next post. 🙂


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