Why We Should Love Permission Marketing ?

The term Permission marketing is first coined by Seth Godin (an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker). He defines “Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them. It recognizes the new power of the best consumers to ignore marketing. It realizes that treating people with respect is the best way to earn their attention.”

Now I simplify it, we as a marketer wants attention at any cost, we barge in people inbox, we re-target them though non-stoppable banner ads, we irritate them on social, we vomit our content on TV, we ruin their eyesight by covering each and every wall with ads and many touch points. Where ever we see the touch point we generally push our content to get attention without thinking for a second that what we are offering that really matter for them.

Permission Marketing

Seth further explains it……

“One of the key drivers of permission marketing, in addition to the scarcity of attention, is the extraordinarily low cost of dripping to people who want to hear from you. RSS and email and other techniques mean you don’t have to worry about stamps or network ad buys every time you have something to say. Home delivery is the milkman’s revenge… it’s the essence of permission. Permission doesn’t have to be formal but it has to be obvious. My friend has permission to call me if he needs to borrow five dollars, but the person you meet at a trade show has no such ability to pitch you his entire resume, even though he paid to get in.Subscriptions are an overt act of permission. That’s why home delivery newspaper readers are so valuable, and why magazine subscribers are worth more than newsstand ones.”

Permission marketing is very noble thought and any organization who wants to adopt this thought require lots of patience. They have to build a deep relationship with customers and understand them to show the message for which they care and can take highly engaged action based on that. In simple term, it is contrary idea of a one-sided broadcast of the message.  The best news is in this Internet era it is possible to engage the people in highly personalize manners. Seth Says “The best shortcut, in this case, is no shortcut at all.” 🙂

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