10 Reasons You should have Mobile Optimised Website

reason to have mobile optimised website

Ok! You really want to know, why actually you need to have mobile optimised website? Before telling you the reason, I would say. If you want to stay in business then have it now.

The smartphone has disrupted the ecosystem of the internet. It enabled the user to have a powerful computer in their pocket. The mobile revolution created the new pattern of information consumption.

One side It has made unprecedented growth in information search, while another hand it reduced the overall attention span. Google has described it a fundamental shift and started the school of micro-moment marketing.

Why do You need To Have Mobile Optimised Website?

1. Mobile exceeds Desktop

There are 1.3 billion people are accessing the internet through their mobile phone. So when traffic comes more from mobile devices then your website should have designed for mobile. Otherwise, you will loose some business opportunity with every try of access to your site through the smartphone.

Mobile Vs Desktop Trend

2. You have to care about user experience

You have to care about user experience. The user will leave with bad taste if he will get a desktop site on their mobile devices. Mobile website user will abandon the page if it takes more than 6 seconds to load.

3. High probability of getting call conversion

The mobile device has the ability to call. So there is a high probability that your mobile user will love to call you. Now it is your job is to facilitate the same.

Call Intelligence Index had done a study on call conversion. In their report, they found “more than 32 million phone calls placed to businesses across 40 industries in 2014.” The analysis determined that mobile marketing (search, display, etc.) was responsible roughly 54 percent of all calls to businesses. And 45 percent of calls to businesses came as a result of a mobile search.

Mobile call conversion

45% call from mobile search is big data. You can just think if your site is not optimised then how much money you are leaving on the table.

You can have mobile UI like this, so the user can call you directly from your website.


Pic Credit: http://galacticwebdesign.com

4. Mobile Ad works best in native form

Mobile screen real estate is smaller, so you can not place ads on your site, the way you was placing in on the desktop. Generally mobile advertisement work in the native form.

So, You can not get or give best results from ads if your site is not optimised. Simple !

Here is the sample of native ads optimisation for mobile devices.

Pic Credit: http://blog.smaato.com

5. Competitive Advantage

Only 35% businesses have mobile optimised site. It is a huge competitive advantage.

6. Ability to link with Navigation

People frequently use navigation in a mobile phone. Let’s say someone wants to reach your office and he searches your address in a mobile device. So next step is if your site is optimised then the user will be able to use navigation from there only. It will be a useful experience.

navigation mobile

Pic Credit: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/

7. Weigtage in SEO

Google had announced that they will give a mobile responsive site a weightage when user will search on mobile devices.

I am quoting Google,

Starting April 21, 2015, Google Search will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in Google Search results. Users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results optimized for their devices. To help you make sure your website is ready for this search change

8. Social media friendly

Most of the social media consumed in a mobile phone. Social sharing probability is higher from mobile devices in comparison of desktops.

9. People spend more time on mobile devices

The mobile phone has become an extra organ. According to the data, an average user checks their device – which means they activate the screen by pressing the home or power button or they unlock the device – 110 times per day.

ComCore data shows

72% of tablet users make an online purchase from their device at least a week

49% of smartphone users have used their device to make an online purchase in last six months

80% of consumers plan to conduct mobile commerce in next 12 months

10. Growth in revenue

Mobile commerce is growing at the fastest pace. Mobile commerce is now 34% of all eCommerce transactions globally.

Pic Credit: Hubspot

It is expected that in 2017 industry will see 31% growth rate in mCommerce while only 15% in dCommerce.

expected growth rate of mcommerce in 2017

Pic credit: Hubspot


No doubt! We are living in the mobile first world. Just think about yourself how often you are using your mobile devices and for what purpose.

Honestly, I was not thinking to write the post around because it is obvious and just happening around us. I through you a challenge. Just roam around metros, buses, parks, shopping complex and observe what people are doing?

Make a note how many people are checking their phone?

Ok done…..

You will have no reason to not have a mobile optimised website.

Here Top1oWebsiteHosting put it all together in one infographic. Check this out.

10 Reasons You should have Mobile Optimised Website-image

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