Mobile Vs Desktop: Have You Updated The Things Accordingly ?


Mobile is new Desktop……

Mobile is eating out the world’s attention. Smartphones are the new PCs. And, this is just the beginning of an entirely new mobile movement in which everyone has to compete.

The user experience on the mobile device is completely different from desktop. The whole desktop methodology is not going to work on this new attention trading marathon. Even it is a bit opaque because mobile marketing rules are unwritten still.

The situation is much complex than the written rules of desktop vs unwritten rules of mobile. Actually, Mobile has surpassed the desktop in terms of traffic but the desktop is not dead. So you need to prepare cross-device strategies.

Social and video have changed the world and the main carrier of this change is the mobile device.

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Google announced mobile first world approach in designing their products.

The Pattern of video consumption on smartphone device is just unbelievable.



The Smaller screen is going to give us bigger attention but in shorter blocks…

We are moving towards Mobile first world.

Though I am suggesting you for cross-device strategies but I would also like to insist you that you should shift your mindset from mobile friendly to “mobile first”.

Gary Venurchuck says “Mobile is a new TV and Desktop is a new radio”.

Mobile is new TV and Desktop became radio. Focus on TV and keep the radio in your media plan. Same old school formula applies on Mobile and Desktop.

Google has coined the term Micro-Moments by adopting the concept of Mobile First world.

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The very foundation of online and in-app mobile interaction is completely different from the interaction of  PC. The biggest difference is how people discover, communicate, learn, and act.

Most marketer still invests in the campaign and technology which is designed for PC first world. The point is here that mobile is performing like PCs but is having completely different behavior.

Mobile operate on touch-driven highly portable behavior and on mobile devices, people interact entirely in a different fashion than PCs.

On another hand, PC run on point-and-click parameters on all kind of OS.

PC and Mobile both are co-existing in a parallel universe, but you as a marketer will have to understand that all fit campaigns can’t capture the both worlds attention. Especially for capturing mobile world attention you will have to think differently.

Though the major shift is not technology. Mobile -first – marketing is not about strategy or technology. It is about lifestyle.

With every pinch, zoom, touch, and swipe people are learning to operate in the mobile first world. You have to look at how people use new technology, not at the new technology people use.

Here I am sharing you Go-Globe’s infographic. The below data making so many things clear and predictable. Go through it.


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