My Experience with Conversational Commerce Bot

I am following Bots stories since Facebook announced it’s messenger bot platform during F8 conference in April 2016. Toady I had first B-Commerce (Bot Commerce) or conversation commerce experience with chatbot . Definitely, the experience was amusing and surprising. Niki was assisting me like a human.

I got my phone recharge done within 25 seconds. My head was revolving and just started thinking about this new semantic web experience. Then the questions arose in my mind.

Are we going to enter in web 3.0 phase ?


We already entered in that phase?

Will web 3.0 be dominated by web robots ?

Artificial Intelligence + Machine learning is changing the world. Although Bots are not new. Probably you have played with Siri or Cortana. There are so many bots on the web. You may be experiencing them in daily life but conversational commerce bots are now shaping up. Because of monetary transaction capacity, it is growing very fast.

If you will try to fetch out some insight and imagine the future then you will be able to understand that the way “Internet Robots”  are getting smart and smarter day by day. It will change the whole eco-system of Internet.

Actually, these smart bots are not working on structured data pattern only. In fact, they are learning the pattern and make changes in their algorithm accordingly.

Now come back on topic !

Till now around 18000 Facebook messenger bots have been built. If you like to explore then please visit –> Botlist

I am getting regular updates from Techcrunch bot. I simply type Facebook ads and the bot supplies me all articles related to facebook ads. Simple!

But conversational commerce bot will impact far more deeper than news article supply bots. It could create a disruption in some industries.

Conversational commerce will change our shopping behaviour. It will impact job market with its positive and negative outcomes. For my community, marketers can’t ignore these changes, they have to conceptualise to trade attention in most appropriate manner.

Anyway, I find Niki is one of the smartest bots so far.


I just got my phone recharged. It took maximum 25 seconds. It’s smoother than online recharge site or App.

The simplicity and lightness is profound, just see how may words I have typed to get my phone recharged.

Prepaid -> 100 -> [selected Paytm] – OTP  It is done. Whoa !

I explored further and realized, wow! it can do lot more thing like Cab Booking, Electricity Bill payments, Burger order etc.

What I experienced during my recharge order (Shared Screenshot) that was just simple artificial intelligence.

Niki is more intelligent than that. I could have completed my order by just typing Recharge 9999999999 for RS. 100. After that, Niki would have directly brought me on payment options.

 Here is the list what you can do through Niki bot

#1. You can supply all the information in one line thus considerably reducing the time to complete your order.
For example –

a. Recharge 9999999999 for rs 100 will take you directly to payment options.

b. Get me an Ubergo will book the cab in two taps if you have saved uber credentials with niki beforehand.

#2. Currently, it supports prepaid recharge, bill payments for postpaid, electricity, data card, dth and book cabs from both Ola and Uber.

#3. It uses Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to continuously improve its understanding of human language and learns from a user’s activities on niki. As a result, the experience becomes better over subsequent usage and transactions.

#4. First of its kind in-chat payment option by integrating you paytm wallet.

#5. You can download niki android app ( ) to experience the full power of niki app namely additional categories(Bus booking, Laundry pickup, Burger ordering), an “Improve My Experience” section that has features like reminders for your repetitive needs and upcoming offers.

#6. Most interesting is if you don’t want to download the app, you can use it on facebook messenger platform, here you can find Facebook Niki Bot.

Now I conclude my experience, using Niki facebook messenger is time-saving for services like recharge, cab booking, electricity payments etc. You get freedom from filling up forms and pushing PROCEED button. I recommend you to try it.

Disclaimer: I am neither affiliate or nor enrolled influencer of Although I personally know the developer of this bot. But writing a post is totally my decision only because I found it worthy and futuristic.

My Take On Conversational Bots

I reiterate where people will pay attention, there will be growth story of the businesses. As we see messaging app has surpassed the social media platforms in way back in 2015. Probably because of Dark Web in nature, marketers have not paid much attention.


In coming time we will be seeing that more and more brands on FB messenger, Whats App, Slack, Telegram etc. We will see more and more assistance provided by Bots or Bot and Human combination.

I can list few insights which I feel for conversational bots.

#1. App Install is painful and regular updates are even more painful. Here third party platform based bots have the competitive edge: nothing to install, nothing to configure – just flow.

#2. icloud makes bot cross-device compatible. You can start communication in the mobile device and finish it on the desktop computer. Thread of conversation will be sync across the device. Another problem solved.

#3. Brand and company will no longer have to push people to “Install or Download” App. Just they will invite people to use it.

Note: App market is not going to finish soon but it will feel effects. Many stand alone app (mostly service related) will be forced to adopt it.

#4. Developers have access to more data like location and social data. This data will enable the brand to do hyper-personalisation in their offering.

#5. Marketing of bots will roll around a friend of friend referrals and word of mouth. Probably we will not see the kind of mad race which we were seeing to rank up in App store by brands, developers and service providers.

#6. Discovery and distribution of these bots are still not very clear. How the user will find right conversation bot at right time is a challenge.

#7. All greatness of these bots is in its lightness. It will be a game changer.

Conclusion: It is too early to announce the winner but It is interesting to see how this industry will shape up and create a differentiation. Though this bot industry is developing since a long time gradually but the entry of Facebook with it’s one billion users base (Messenger Users Only) created a ripple in the slow moving river. Suddenly companies got huge distribution opportunity and here race begun. 🙂

Bots will be new normal for people. Soon user will learn to use it frequently. I assume, soon our life will be full of daily usage bots like Weather bot, Grocery bot, Life advice bot, Personal finance bot etc.

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