Put These Five Social Media Tactics in Dustbin

Social media is all about socialising, humanising and making in-depth empathic relation with your followers. You make several strategies to achieve this.

Some strategies had worked great when social was taking baby steps. Now we are seeing the mature social web, where users have been well learnt as well as social media platform algorithm has improved drastically. In  this situation, you need to re-brush your old strategy and

In this situation, you need to re-brush your old strategy and thrash away some of them. Here sharing you five social media tactics.

Auto DM on Twitter

Do you understand what clutter means? You are sending Auto DM in your followers’ inbox means you simply creating clutter and making trouble in seeing the actual messages.

Can you explain what is the meaning of auto DM “Thanks for Following Me”?  It is nothing.

Instead of sending auto DM, You should visit the user handle and understand him/her persona and start real conversation through the highly personalised message.

Don’t be a robot.

Twitter isn’t email. So if you know 98% of Twitter folk don’t like it, why are you doing it?

Spamming Linkedin Contacts

You created a big network on LinkedIn and decided to download the email ID of the network. You have added people or people added you in Linkedin connection does not mean that you got to right to spam their LinkedIn and email inbox.

Please keep in mind, sending email to anyone without their permission is spam.

Instagram auto comment

Instagram has been running crackdown campaign on bots. Many automation tools are banned by Instagram. Lets forget what Instagram is doing to deal with auto commenter bots. In actual you need real results and real results come from real engagement.

In simple and flat language auto commenting is just spamming.

All prevail danger of Automating Insta you can see here in detail –>  The Not-So Secret Dangers of Instagram Automation

Adding to Facebook Groups

Everyone who follows your page is not willing to be part of your group. Genuine behaviour is to invite and better convey why one should join the group and what benefit he or she will get by joining the group.

Adding everyone without taking permission can piss your user off and in the end, you will lose them.

Tagging Un-necessary

Driving higher engagement often marketer commit this mistake. Tagging to non-relevant updates can simply irritate your user and they can ban you or report spam.


Socially Sorted has put it all together in a very nice infographic. Go through it.5-Social-Media-Tactics-that-need-to-be-Trashed-



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