Reading Round Up: What is New in Digital Marketing This Week ?

Believe me, digital marketing world never sleeps. It has lots of updates, posts, new product launch, and research report etc. every week.

I receive tons of content and tell you honestly, I can’t consume all. I generally select the post whose headline assures me to give value.Here is I am sharing you my weekly reading round up.

Here is I am sharing you my weekly reading round up.

Hope you will find these article interesting and helpful.

#1. Twitter Study: Social Customer Service Leads to Higher Revenue, Satisfaction | Social Media Today

Twitter has done a very interesting study where they established a fact that if customers get a response on social, they generally ready to pay more to the company.

Customers are willing to spend up to 20% more on an average priced item from a business that has responded to a customer service tweet, while responding faster increases the potential for increased revenue.

#2. The changing SERP: understanding and optimizing above and below the fold | Search Engine Watch

If you are running a website then you must be knowing that ranking in search engine, how important for getting relevant traffic on your site?

But SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is not same as it was years ago. If you want to thrive traffic from Google then you have to understand your user intend and will have to produce content according to that context.

Now SEO is not about stuffing keywords into Title, Meta description, URL etc. The Web has become semantic and it understands the intent and push result in context.

I would suggest you, learn about Google’s Micro Moments.

Customers are often more loyal to their need in the context of their specific mobile-moments than a particular brand or product. This was the jaw-dropping news that Google confirmed in a recent study.

#3. 7 Helpful Hacks for More Successful Social Media Community Management | Top Rank

Social Media is never ending topic. Some brands are doing it in a great way and some are struggling.

Here very genuine and 7 ethical hacks have been shared by Top Rank. Go read and understand it.

#4. How to Write Better Headlines for Your Facebook Ads | Hubspot

Every copywriter accepts that writing headlines is the toughest job. Headline attracts the user and compels them to click for further exploration.

Headlines are more important when you are getting it written for ads. A great headline can reduce your cost and ensures high ROI.

Today, when Facebook advertising has become mainstream and ad cost, are going up. Then it is very important that your ad copy should be proper.

Ad copy starts with headlines. Here Hubspot shared this piece of advice for writing proper headlines.

#5. How to Create a Messenger Destination Facebook Ad | Jon Loomer

Facebook has rolled up Messenger destination Facebook Ad. You can select call to action button “Send Message” in website click objective campaign objective.

If you want to engage your users by starting a conversation then it is great news.

#6. The Psychology of Search Engine Optimization: 10 Things You Need to Know | QUICKSPROUT

I alway like the depth and details of Neil Patel articles. Here he is suggesting to SEO professionals that think of your customers and understand their psychology if you really want to be in search engine results.

Customers face problems on a different stage of their buying cycle. You have to identify that problem and psychology of customers action when they search for solutions to those problems.

#7. 7 Eye-Catching Headlines That Will Get Your Emails Opened | Jeff Bullas

As you see Hubspot article helping you in how to create best Headlines for facebook ads. Here Jeff Bullas article is for Email marketers.

If you are email marketer and facing decline in open rate, don’t be panic. It is normal.

Your customers Inbox is being flooded with emails nowadays. So getting their attention, you require to improve your subject line.

Ok! These are the articles I found interesting. Hence shared with you. Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

Will share my “Reading Round Up” Next week with new fresh updates. Bye.

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