You Should Reboot Your Way of Media Planning

Reboot Your Media Planning

Being a marketing guy, selection of media is always the core task of mine. First, I tell you I am not an expert on it but I believe in experiment and data. I have worked in the different organization (B2B & B2C), Where I experienced all different style of the selection process of media for their business. I don’t have experience of how big advertising giants like Coke, HUL, P&G, Pepsi etc. do their planning. Probably I will try to get information and later share with you. But I know many small players who redefined the advertising by using the new type of digital media selection & hacks.

Before writing this article I have not thought about that what is the ideal definition of media planning, so I searched it on Wikipedia. The Wiki definition is made a perfect sense to me. So here I am sharing it with you.

“The job of media planning is to determine the best combination of media to achieve the marketing campaign objectives.”

I really love this.

Now you must be thinking when I have even don’t know the definition of “Media Planning” then how I was doing this. I let you know friends that I or You were or are working in process defined work environment where we work on given map (Map could be given by your seniors or It could be like Industry standard process). This is an ideal & best situation when the market is stable and no one is disrupting it with new ideas.

Suddenly we started seeing new kind of media, new kind of connection and new kind of control, yes! I am talking about digital media. This media is completely different from tradition one. Here consumer has control what to consume and when to consume. It does not fit in tradition Media Planning slides. It scales very fast that even you find tough to prepare yourself to use it.

When I am talking about Digital Media then I don’t mean that traditional media became obsolete. I just want to inform you that some chunk of attention has been diverted to new screens & new platform.

In United State experts are started claiming that TV is no more primary screen, it is smartphones. In Indian Market Television is still primary screen. But if we see data trends then we can predict, soon TV will loose glory of being primary screen.

Pattern of Digital Media Consumption in India

I have researched a bit about Digital Media Consumption Data in India. Ernst & Young report on Indian Digital consumption pattern is thought provoking. Here I am sharing you some core trend.

  • India has 351 Million Internet Subscriber (Year 2015)
  • 167 Million Smart Phone Users (Year 2015)
  • 105 Million Broadband Subscribers (Year 2015)
  • 3.2% Internet-related contribution to GDP (Year 2015)
  • 40% earning population > 25 years (Year 2015)

They further explains..

The Indian digital media segment is set for disruption with growth expected to reach INR 200 billion (INR 20000 crores) by 2020 with digital ad spend expected to grow at 23-28%. India has a large and growing millennial population – young, tech-savvy consumers with rising earnings potential and disposable income. This demographic has historically been and will continue to be, an early adopter of new technology and new models of media consumption. India, therefore is a market which is ripe for digital media investments. The demographics are all stacked in India’s favour for digital consumption.

By 2017, India will have more than 380 million smartphones. Inexpensive smartphones and the rollout of 3G and 4G broadband infrastructure are rapidly coming together to leapfrog traditional distribution and democratize online access. Together, these factors are the foundations for accelerated digital media consumption. The story about the future of digital content consumption and what it means for media and entertainment (M&E) companies.

The Indian connected consumer is already a very different individual (or group of individuals) than he or she was a year or two ago. And the universe of users only a few years from now will be far more varied in terms of age, occupation, wealth, location, and, importantly, digital sophistication than users today. These new users will approach the online experience with very different expectations, needs, priorities, and goals.

Understanding the changes taking place in Internet adoption and use in India and how these shifts will affect existing markets and ways of communicating—and create entirely new ones—is essential for anyone doing business in the world’s second-most-populous country, which is soon also to be the world’s second-largest nation of connected consumers.

Focus on consumer eyes and ears

What I mean by saying “Focus on consumers eyes and ears”. Actually, I have mentioned all the data and prediction about growth, trends, and insight about digital media and consumer changing behaviors. But these kinds of change is not new, yes! we can say it is fast. If we see history then we see how Radio stole attention from print media and Television stole attention from Radio. So my point of view is if we keep focusing on Media then we will confuse in selection. We should focus on consumers eyes and ears and ask questions to yourself what are they reading, watching and listening. Then everything will become simple and clear.

I have tried to make some simple formats which can help you in determining best media for your business and could help you in Media Planning too.

Media Consumption pattern2

You can make this type format where you can first list the media vehicles. Later you can have a bit research on you consumers that which media they are consuming and what is the intensity of the same.

Next Step..

Here you will see which media you have to choose to focus upon, further, you can repeat the same excercise to get more details. Let’s say your consumer or potential consumer spending more time on Smart Phone and now you have to decide to target smartphone user. So now you have to choose where to advertise so you can reach to those smartphone users, who are your potential consumer or consumer.

 Smart Phone User Behaviour

This can go on and on till you didn’t find the truth. You can do this exercise for every media platform where your customers go.

What I mean to say that your Media Planning should be sync with your targeting. For perfect targeting, you follow consumers. Then why you don’t do the same thing for media planning.

Here Just would like to show you an example of data.You can have an idea about your research before doing media planning.

Media Consumption pattern

After having these kinds of data. It is not tough for you to take a decision when, where and how to invest.

Reverse Calculation is never dying technique

I would like to say that you should do reverse calculation again because old reverse calculations are not relevant anymore. You must be thinking that what is the reverse calculation. It is very simple when you select your media by calculating your customer’s media consumption patterns. So people working on old calculation is saying that buy more and more TV spots. You will scale.

New calculations say when people are giving 4 hours of attention on smartphones then why not you should find ways to catch their attention there. I don’t mean you should scrap TV from your media plan. I am just saying that make a right mix. No media is the permanent owner of people attention. It keeps changing. So your media planning should also be defined and redefined.

Another problem is where you can do long term planning on tradition media here new media is extremely volatile. Just I give you an example, In Year 2014 or before you have to Invest in content on Facebook and you job is done. but in 2015 you have invented in its distribution on facebook.

In digital media technology, distribution and content types are changing very fast. You have to match the pace if you really want to win. So you have to keep your planning dynamic, liberal and open for changes.

Although It is never ending topic but for now I would like to conclude that reboot your media planning. Don’t scrap old or embrace new rather do proper research and redefine your customer’s media consumption pattern and select best suited or make a mix according to your business objective.

My suggestion, you should embraces new media, start thinking about Mobile (Technology), Social (Distribution Platform) and Video (Content-Type) 🙂

Keep exploring, Keep trying new thing. Put your views in comment section.

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