SEO: Why Your Brand Name is best Keyword?

Today I am talking about the most sustainable SEO strategy. This post is not for the kick ass SEOs who make the site rank by using white or black strategies.

This is the post for whom, who has not much idea or resources to get full fledged SEO agency. Who can keep working in this ever changing environment.

What a non-techie will do when he/she does not have any idea about SEOs?

Apart from these kind of people, there are people who are suffering from Google continuous tweak of algorithm. They are tired of endless optimisation for endless algorithmic updates.

Growing your traffic through “Branded Keywords” is the solution for aforementioned situation.

Before diving into the topic you should have a look upon what kind of challenges SEOs use to face?

#1. Search Engine Keeps changing their algorithm

Your ranks are not permanent. One algorithmic change can make convert your’s years of hardwork into zero. It is not always necessary that search engines tweak their algorithm for better user experience, sometimes it is pure revenue oriented change, eg: Google changed their Ad sign Yellow to Green. Many reports suggesting that it affected organic traffic.

#2. Ranks are not guaranteed

You deployed resources for getting ranked for certain keywords. It is not necessary that you will get that success.

#3. No transparency on search ranking factors

SEOs job is based upon trial and error. There is no finite way to get it done because Google does not reveal their algorithmic secret.

Have you ever experienced that after any event, public speaking or paid ads campaign, you see the growth in traffic which are come through branded key-phrases?

Some times your satisfy customers share the story with other potential customers and they come on your site by using search with your brand name.

You are getting good amount of relevant traffic and highest percentage of your traffic came through branded keyword. This is the most sustainable SEO for your business.

I am showing you the example of Seth Godin, whose blog is in world top five blogs.

Here sharing you two screenshots.

Seth Godin Blog


Seth Godin Blog top keywords

You see Seth Blog barely meets any SEOs standard, and second you see Seth’s blog top keywords is Seth itself.

Seth did not do keyword research for that, Seth did not do link building or Using the key terms in Title tag, H1 tags et-cetera.

People who care for Seth, search for Seth and Google has to show them most relevant results. Simple ! Boom !

Probably you have heard about Generic or Noun and Verb brands. They are most sustainable keywords.

You should make a proper brand building strategies and ensure proper execution. This will result into growth in traffic through branded terms.


Your brand name is most valuable asset you have, make it famous.It is effectively sustainable SEO technique in this hyper changing and disruptive environment.

The more, your Brand term will be famous, higher the traffic you will receive. And no one can steal this traffic from you.

Note: This post is not about that you should drop you SEO program and shift all focus on brand building. A good SEO work can bring great results.

My intention is to bring bring focus on importance of Brand key-phrases which often get ignore in the race of growth hacking.

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