How to Set Mobile App Install Campaign on Facebook ?

Facebook Mobile App Install Campaign

Facebook is rapidly becoming one of best ways to acquire valuable users for your mobile app. Facebook has a number of different ad types when it comes to mobile. When we talk about mobile app then Facebook has two types of ads A) Mobile App Engagement B) Mobile App Install.

Here I am going to demonstrate step by step process that how you can set Mobile App Install Campaign. But first, like to give you little brief that why Facebook App Install ads are best. When it comes to app install ads Facebook has clear advantages over other networks. The platform has a huge reach, with a user base in excess of 1.6 billion (Q4 2015), growing year-on-year. Furthermore, despite its desktop origins, Facebook is very much a mobile platform now. This reach and targeting capabilities put Facebook at a real competitive advantage over other networks.

To Create Your First Ad


Before creating an ad you need to fulfill these prerequisites:

  • Mobile Apps: Your app must be available in the Apple App or Google Play store.
  • Facebook Page: You need to be admin of a Facebook page.
  • Image(s): You need at least one image to create an ad.
  • Ads Account: If you haven’t advertised with Facebook before, you may need to set up a payment source in the Facebook Ads Manager.

Before going to set Mobile App Install Campaign, you have to set Facebook SDK, I will keep myself limited to the campaign set up and it’s nitty gritty in targeting and segmentation aspect. For setting up FB SDK you can directly go here (SDK Setup)

You can set – up your Mobile App campaign in either Ad Manager or Power Editor but I would suggest you to use Power Editor because here you will have advance, bidding, targeting and insight options. I am trying to give you tour of Mobile App Install Campaign set up step by step.

#Step 1 Go in Facebook Ad Manager and then switch to Power Editor, after entering in power editor click on Create Campaign Button.

Facebook Power Editor

#Step 2 Give a name to your campaign and choose “Mobile App Install” objective from various objective options.

Choose Mobile App Install Campaign

#Step 3 Give a unique name to your ad set, so you can easily differentiate from other running Adset.

Setting Adset name for Mobile App Install Campaign

#Step 4 Give a name to your ad and now your basic ad framework is ready. From step five you will go in the detailing of Campaign, Adset, and Ad.

Mobile App Install

#Step 5 Here you can set if you have any budget in mind.

Facebook Mobile App Install Campaign

#Step 6 Select the App which you want to promote

Facebook Adset

#Step 7 Set the daily/weekly/monthly budget & schedule the running period and ad placement by time or day

Facebook Ad Sheduling

Step 8 This is most important part of your campaign because the success of any campaign depend on how focused your target is. Know everything about your users and target precisely. The first filter is location, here you have many choices like geo-targeting, radius targeting, city targeting etc.

AdSet 3 location Targeting

#Step 9 Here you apply further demographic filters and most famous & unique Facebook Interest based target. But be careful in selecting interest subject. Try to avoid generic interest.

Demographic Targeting Adset

#Step 10 Here you can put the further filter and add your fans and friends of the fans in your targeting list. You can save this audience for using in next campaign also. Then you can select placement, if you select the option Automatic then facebook will decide where to place your ad.

Adset Placement

#Step 11 You can manually choose placement on a different platform and different device. Best practice is run a separate campaign on different platforms and device for experiment and see which placement giving you best ROI.

Facebook Ad Placement

#Step 12 Here you can keep bidding automatic or adjust manually also.

Facebook Ad Bidding

#Step 13 Here you can select  ad delivery options.

Facebook Ad Delivery

#Step 14 From here you can start making your ad copy. You selected app will be detected automatically here.

Facebook Ad Destination

#Step 15 Just connect with you facebook page. If you have Instagram profile add that also.

Page Role

#Step 16 Here you will see four types of ads options a) Image b) Video c) Image Carousel d) Video Carousel select which fit your ad concept. Read guideline before uploading image or video. So can your Ad falls into the guideline and your ad gets approved by the Facebook authority.

Below image you can see where you have to put a brief catchy description, try to keep it in a single line.

Facebook Ad Creative

Facebook Image Specification

#Step 17 Here you can select for optimization. Secondly, you can put the deep link if you want to bring the user to a specific  location on your App. Third, here you fix most important part of your campaign that is “Call To Action” button. Then you can have preview of your ad too.

Facebook Ad Call to Action

Facebook Ad Preview

#Step 18 You can create Pixel  and put inside APP on suggested location to track number of install through ads but in many  cases, you need not to put it. I have not tried it but probably once you have set the SDK then you dont require to put pixel.

Facebook Pixel

#Step 19 Finally Click the review Changes Button and continue to save it. Your ad will be sent for aproval and with in one hour, it will be approved by Facebook.

Facebook Review Changes

Sample pic of App Install Ads.

Facebook Mobile App Install Ad

Facebook Mobile App Install Ad

If you find any problem in setting up the campaign then please write below in comments, i will try to solve that out.

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