Top Seven Social Channels Demographics for Marketers 2017

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Demographic knowledge is the most important thing when you plan to target your audience. So it applies to social media demographic idea too. If you want to be social media strategist then you must be knowing, which platform your customers are using.

We as a marketer wants to cover every damn place which can give some attention to our product/services or brand. But this strategy does not work.  For covering all social platform requires lots of time, creativity and money.

My suggestion to you; simply understands the demographic distribution of your customers on social media platform and select one 0r two platforms where you can focus honestly. This will give you best result.

If you are going to start social media influencer marketing program, here not knowing demographics of the various social media platform can cost you engaging with wrong influencers.

Right now 2.8 billion people worldwide using some form of social media. This is amazing 37% of total population of the world but all are not using same social platforms. Now you have to know the break up of this social media user population to understand the demographic and make your focused strategy.

Top Social Media Platforms

There are seven-eight major social media platforms people use nowadays. Here I am going to cover a) Facebook b) Twitter c) Youtube d) Instagram e) Twitter f) Linkedin and g) Reddit.

One platform is missing here is Snapchat, I do not have information right now. Maybe I will update this platform later.


Facebook is standing top on the pyramid. It has evolved itself as a powerful business solution by deep targeting options. Without any doubt, I can say Facebook is today’s number one platform for advertisers.

Unique Monthly Users: 1.9 Billion (No Social Platform even nearby)

Gender: Platform is dominated by Women, 83% online users are women while 75% users are males (User gender break up based on total online population of males and females)

Age Group: Facebook is popular across the age groups. Generation X almost spend 7 hours a week.

Time Spent: 75% users spend 20 minutes or more on Facebook every day.

While countless reasons for using Facebook in your social media marketing strategies, Facebook cites these key areas it can help with:

  • Driving online sales
  • Increasing local sales
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Promoting your app
  • Finding leads
  • Social customer service

Details: Facebook Ads objective types


Youtube is video platform owned by Google. This platform is not only social but 2nd most used search engine too. You can find a wide range of solutions from eg: “How to make tie knot ? to “How to make AI based chatbot?”

Like other social media channel, You can scale organically and inorganically on Youtube too. Youtube can give you very nice ROI if you use it effectively.

Let’s have a look on stats

Unique Monthly Users: 1 Billion

Gender: Youtube users are male and females but males are dominating the platform in term of usage. Youtube users are 55% male and 45% female. (User gender break up based on total online population of males and females)

Age Group: People from 18 to 49 years age group are more active on the platform.

Engagement: Youtube receives 2 million video views per minute.

Youtube is a great place to advertise, they have a huge database and ability to target varieties of user segments. Youtube is also known as a place of “How-to ” contents.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing photo/video sharing social app. It took only 5 years to reach 600 million users. Visual contents are appealing. It is easy to consume and understand. The communities on Instagram are very active in sharing interesting video and image contents.

Here are stats.

Unique Monthly users: 600 Million

Gender: Insta is dominated by females. 38% users are female and 26% are males. (User gender break up based on total online population of males and females)

Age Group: Insta is the best place for youngsters. 90% of Insta users are below 35 years

Engagement: 53% Insta users follow a brand.

This platform is a very beautiful place for influencer marketing and creative outreach. If you are creative brand then must use this.


Twitter is a highly debatable social channel for its 140 character limits and influence. My personal belief is, it has a huge influence on other media. All big celebrity and politicians use this platform.

Unique Monthly Users: 317 Million

Gender: Twitter is dominated by males. 22% users are males while 15% are female. (User gender break up based on total online population of males and females)

Age Group: Twitter is dominated by 18-29 years age bracket.

Behavior: 53% twitter users do not post any updates

Engagement: Average daily spent time of users are on twitter app is 2.7 minutes a day

I think twitter data is messy because of bots and multiple accounts for artificial scaling. Twitter is still in the game and we can not reduce its importance.

Second reason I count twitter because Google has started showing Tweets in SERP. So it has a great advantage in SEO.


There is huge business value in Pinterest. It is a great source of traffic. The differentiation which makes Pinterest unique in comparison to other social channel is the longevity of content.

Unique Monthly Users: 317 Million

Gender: Pinterest is dominated by females. 49% users are women where 17% users are male. (User gender break up based on total online population of males and females)

Age Group: Pinterest users are fairly distributed between 18 to 64 years old age groups

Behavior: People referred to E-commerce site by Pinterest has 10% higher probability to buy.

Engagement: Half life of a pin is 1,51,200 minutes. No social platform can match it.

I recommend this platform for your business. If you are not considering it, please include it in your social media plan.


This is a network of professionals and very exciting platform for B2B engagement. Linkedin engagement comes from thought leaders and industry news.

Unique Monthly Users: 106 Million

Age Group: Professionals from 21 to 64 age groups

Gender: 31% users are male and 27% are women. (User gender break up based on total online population of males and females)

Behavior: 45% people making 75K/$ or more per annum using LinkedIn

Engagement: Linkedin users are a bit prefer to use very less other social media platform.


Reddit users are a highly protectionist community. Though very few companies understanding the power of Reddit and how to utilize it. In simple term, organic scaling on Reddit depends on the virality of content. Else paid form of advertising also available on the platform.

Reddit communities are highly against of spams, shameless self-promotion and selling.

Unique Monthly Users: 81 Million

Age Group: 64% Redditors are below 30 years

Gender: Reddit is dominated by Males, 67% users are male and 33% are females. (User gender break up based on total online population of males and females)

Behavior: Redditors are fiercely protective to communities standard, they aggressively discourage promotional contents.

Reddit could prove great source for traffic, unique, controversial and funny contents generally get viral on this platform. Apart from that you can use Reddit Ads and target several highly focused communities.

Here Tracx has put it all together in a single infographic. Bookmark it for references.



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