Alert: 81 Spam Words to Avoid in Your Email Marketing Campaigns


Email marketing has become more complex as marketers constantly receiving lower open and CTRs. Let’s accept the fact, we (Marketers) just simply ruin every medium. When email marketers just started bombarding the emails in the recipient’s inbox, the reader learned to ignore those.

Service providers understand the situation and implemented spam filters. It was just to save users from shabby shameless promotions.

Good news is your users still use email as a main channel of communication, but they are mature users and know which mail to read or skip.

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But users will read your mail or skip that depends on if your email lands in their Inbox. Before reaching in users inbox there is one gatekeeper, you have to pass through are spam filters.

Today’s spam filtebecomes too much sophisticated, it filters out the email between spam and useful category.

How does spam filter work?

Spam filters consider the long list of criteria while taking the decision of flagging the mail as spam. Though there are not much transparency that how does spam filter give weight to various spam signals. But there is some experience-based observation which experts count upon. They are followings.

a) Your IP Address

If from your IP Address someone has sent spam emails and got caught by spam filters in past then there is the probability that it will affect your email deliverability.

Most of the cases if an email campaign got flagged from particular IP, it will be flagged again. So better keep your IP clean.

b) What Software is Used for Sending

Spam filters are programmed to differentiate between mass mailing tools and regular tools like Microsoft Outlook. Generally, emails from messy tools are usually getting flagged. Reputed email automation companies (Mail Chimp, Aweber, Pardot, Marketo) have policies which restrict the marketers from shoddy usages of tools.

c) Code and Message

Spam filters can be triggered by sloppy code, extra tags, or code pulled in from Microsoft Word. So best practice is to use a standard template or get your mailer design done through a good designer. Clean code quality is must, to get your email delivered to the Inbox of the users.

Though all above-mentioned subjects are related to technical part, you can keep those in order easily. Now come to the most debatable part which sometimes penalizes you wrongly also. Actually, filters scan your subject lines and main content.

Most of the filters flag the email based on the words or phrase used in subject line or content. They are programmed to flag words that promote drugs, sex (Eg: Selling Viagra, Sex Toys, Paid sex, child sex etc.), obscene stuff and other illegal things.

Apart from that they also flag your mail if that will look like too much promotional or subject lines cleverly constructed for click bait. This type of filtration has been completely done on the basis of what type of words or phrases you are using in subject line and content.

Beeketing has put it all together in a single infographic. Go through it and take the print out and pin it on your desk, so you can have care while writing the subject line for email campaigns.

81 Spam Words to Avoid in Email Marketing




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