How to Tell Google About Your New Website?

Google Webmaster Tools

When I got created my first website in 2012, I often used to put my site name in Google search box and search for the same. In starting, even my full site name was not searchable. I researched a bit that how Google get to know about new sites.

I understood that it is Googlebot’s job to crawl my site and index the pages. I asked some friends, they suggested to wait, Google automatically crawls the pages and index them. I started waiting anxiously for Googlebot. 🙁

This is a very common problem with every new website owners. One day I was surfing the web and eventually got to know about Google’s very famous webmaster tool (Now it is Google Search console).

From that day to today I am using Google Search console every day for one or another work. Using webmaster tools you can save yourself from becoming me (As I was waiting for Googlebot to crawl my site).

You can just invite Googlebot to crawl and get your site indexed.

How can you submit your website to Google Search Console?

Create a site map

A sitemap (XML file) tells Google and other search engines what posts, pages and other content you have on your website. It helps them to find all the content in one library and index them fast.

Why XML sitemap and not HTML map?

You can create HTML sitemap but it is recommended for a small & thin site which has text content only. In XML you can create sitemap within the sitemap, so it is best for a big site which has multiple types of contents.

How to create a sitemap?

If you are having a WordPress hosted site then there are many free plugins available there.

I am using this –> Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemap

You can install Yoast SEO Plugin also. You can get the Map there too. The Google search console can be sync with Yoast plugin too. You can learn this in below-mentioned explainer video.

Apart from that, there are many open sources available from where you can create sitemap directly. You can try this.

XML Site Map Generator

XML Sitemaps Generator

XML Sitemaps Generator

Submit your website

Now you have to submit your website to Google Search Console.

Step 1

Login to Google Search Console homepage and Add property.

google search consol


Step 2

Type the URL of your website and Submit

add website to search consol

Step 3

Now you have to verify the website. There are multiple options to verify your site.

a) You can get it done through Domain name provider

b) You can insert HTML Tag in homepage header.

Verifiaction of site in google search console through html code

c) You can verify your site through your Google analytics tool too. It is the easiest step if you have already verified your site in google analytics.

Verify the site in search console through Analytics

d) You can use your Google Tag Manager container also to inserHTML tag.

Submit the sitemap

The site map which you had created, now submit that.

Go to Crawl option and click on the sitemap.

Go to crawl option

Then submit your Sitemap.

Submit You Sitemap in Google Search Console

You are done. Now Googlebot will crawl your site and index your pages.

Bonus Point: You can improve your website indexing by doing a couple of things more. You can sync your Search Console with Google Analytics.

Want to know about Google Analytics, check this: Understand ABC of Google Analytics in 2 Minutes [ INFOGRAPHIC ]

Here you can learn: Guide to Google Analytics and Google Search Console Integration

Another thing, you must submit both versions of your site to webmaster tools. [ and ]

Ok Done….

Still finding any problem then write down in below comment box. I will sure help you. 🙂


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