Want to make Video: Adobe Spark Made it Super Easy

All futuristic marketers are saying to keep yourself updated in this transformation and don’t hesitate to use new things. We are moving from desktop to mobile, search engine to social search engine and text to image to GIF to video. All these cool stuff happening around us.

All marketing astrologers are suggesting us to produce more and more visual content (Image, GIF, and Video).  All social media platforms are racing to tab online video distribution market. So marketer started distributing more Image/Video contents and consumers started consuming more. It is leading a behavioral change in consumers where they are seeking more rich media contents than text or deep article. But producing more and more Video/Image content is a real challenge before marketers. Producing rich media contents take time. Here Adobe trying to solve the problem and introduced suit of apps to make social media graphic, web story, and video production super easy. They call it Adobe Spark.


The company explains that the goal with the new Spark suite is to allow anyone, including small businesses, bloggers, marketers, and students, the ability to create and share visual stories without needing to be professional designers. The tools also don’t require a lot of time to use – which is helpful in particular when it comes to the sped-up age of social media, where posts fly by on users’ timelines in days and hours, if not minutes.

#1 Spark Post is aimed at letting you create professional graphics in minutes. While it leverages concepts from Adobe’s pro tools like Photoshop and InDesign, like the ability to layer images with text and filters, it makes this accessible to everyday users who can make these sorts of changes just by tapping buttons. The app competes with others like Canva, which is also aimed at easy graphic creation, and is especially popular with social media managers.

#2 Spark Page, meanwhile, is focused on helping you craft web stories. That means you can use it for things like magazine-style travel stories, photo albums, online newsletters, reports, or anything else that you want to present on the web. It’s basically a simplified web editing platform, with tools that let you mix text and imagery in a highly visual way.

#3 Spark Video lets you create animated videos in a matter of minutes, says Adobe. This isn’t a tool for filming content, however. Instead, you combine text, images, icons and themes in a presentation, then speak your voice over the story in order to create the video.

But here I will focus only on Spark video platform because Spark Post And Spark Page was available in some form earlier too, It is just rebranding of that stuff. But video platform is a game changer and it standing like a great competitor of Canva, who are planning or about to launch video platform.

Adobe Spark allows the web and mobile users both to create and share visual content – like posts for social media, graphics, web stories, and animated videos.

I used it and here I am sharing you my experience. It took me 2 minutes to make the below embedded video.



This is simply awesome and complete bliss for small businesses.

Go use it and spread your great idea through video. 🙂

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