What’s the difference between social media marketing for B2B & B2C?

I would like to start with why Brand (B2B or B2C) should be on social ?

And the answer is simple Brands want media to reach to people, and Social Media is biggest media channel nowadays so B2B and B2C both kinds of businesses require it. But social media is different from any other media channels, it’s human. It likes conversation, People who use it as a broadcasting channel won’t get the result (It does not matter that they are B2B or B2C).

Social Media Marketing

Now come to the point ! what is the difference between B2B & B2C social media marketing ?

I don’t find much difference, ultimately “human does business with human” apply in both scenario. I am not saying that both (B2B & B2C Social Media Marketing) are completely same, but we should not forget that even between consumer brands social marketing strategy varies company to company. The overall target is the consumer and Consumer-focused social media emphasizes building relationships and nurturing those relationships into a strong and engaging community.This aspect transcends all audiences, brands, business and industries. Can you think of a business that wouldn’t want to build relationships?

Although Social Media is same but micro level we can slightly differentiate B2B & B2C social media marketing on below three aspects.

#1 Targeting: Generally in B2B scenario audience is hyper-targeted, the buying cycle is long and a bit complex so much detailed profiles require to hit. Target size is generally small in the case of B2B. Although in B2C case marketers also define persona of the target but the audience size is relatively bigger in that case.

#2 Content: B2B marketers focus on more “professional” types of content that aim to educate and position themselves as industry experts. However, their tone varies from industry to industry. B2C companies,on social media, tend to share content that would be more promotion-oriented (a discount, email signup, special offer, etc.) in order to generate sales(I personally think only promotion oriented social strategy is a bad choice). B2B brands tend to share content that would funnel leads to their offers (i.e. whitepapers, ebooks) in order to generate lead information. This is right strategy but B2B brand has to think more human way also and will have to make light weight contents too, so can create deeper engagement and relationship with consumers.

#3 Platform: Generally Linkedin and Twitter is most favorite place for B2B brands where Facebook is on top of the layer of B2C choice. Here i would like to stress that B2B marketing strategist will have to understand that world biggest social platform is Facebook, and you can’t ignore it because niche targeting is bit complex here. Facebook has updated many targeting options (Custom Targeting, E-mail Retargeting) & good news is many B2B player using and getting a better result.

Final thought: Your social media marketing strategy should be based on consumer motivation rather than the B2B and B2C level. Every business is driven by the different type of motivation (Eg: Thought Leader, Safe, Secure, ). So identify those customer motivations and make your strategies around them.

According to Katie Rosehill, writing for Chron’s Small Business page:

“Different marketing tactics are used in B2B and B2C, although the methods of advertising, promotions and publicity are the same. If the final customer is a business, the marketing message is based on value, service, and trust. B2C marketing is focused on price and the emotional satisfaction of obtaining the product.”

With these thoughts ponder around your business strategies. 🙂


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